Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friendship is Magic - Why I Can't Pick a Favorite

Okay, before I say anything about any of the characters individually, there's something I simply must point out:

This is probably just me being too anal for my own good, but I love the fact that the Mane Six consist of two Earth Ponies (Applejack and Pinkie Pie), two Pegasus Ponies (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash), and two Unicorn Ponies (Rarity and Twilight Sparkle).

Also! Again, this is probably just me being too anal for my own good, but it fits, so hear me out. Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity -- all of whom have names that are one word long -- have coats in colors that a real horse might have. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle -- two-word names -- well, not so much.

Alright then. The thing is, I can't pick a favorite character because I LOVE THEM ALL. Here's why . . .

Twilight Sparkle
* She is such a bookworm (bookpony?) that she lives in a library.
* It's never explicitly stated, but it is heavily implied that, before she met the other five, she had never really had any friends in her whole entire life. (Sure, she and Spike are awfully fond of each other, but he is technically her assistant. Also, there's enough of an age difference that she thinks of him as a little brother. Or perhaps a son, since she did hatch his egg and all.)
* She was instrumental in using the Elements of Harmony. Which, let's face it, was the coolest scene in the entire series. So far.
* All Ponies have a special talent, and all Unicorn Ponies have a knack for some sort of magic, but Twilight Sparkle's special talent IS magic. She can do pretty much anything. What's interesting is that she never verbally casts any spells. The way her magic works is, she does some research and then she thinks really hard and her horn glows and stuff happens. Soooo, maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but she's the main character of a show aimed at little girls and she has the power to use her brain to affect the world around her. I love her so much for that.
-> The one bad thing I have to say about her is that she has a slight tendency to forget that she can teleport. Even though she does it in the theme song.

* Along with Spike, she's the only classic character whose name was allowed to be used for the new show, since Hasbro had lost the rights to all the others. Spike and Applejack. Think about that for a second. The creators sure did, and the jokes have been made on the show itself. I am not kidding.
* Maybe it shouldn't be, but I find it adorable how she calls everybody "sugar cube."
* Bloomberg.
* I love that moment where she admits that she figured Twilight was just spoutin' a load of hooey . . . but, hey, they really DO represent the Elements of Harmony after all.

Pinkie Pie
* Think of any situation that could possibly happen. Pinkie Pie's response? Throw a party!
* She frequently breaks the fourth wall and defies the laws of physics for the sake of a joke or a sight gag. Every single time, it is hilarious. And awesome. Honestly, she's so awesome that I can't even talk about her.
* Which is remarkable, since I thought she was going to be my least favorite character.

Rainbow Dash
* Before the show, she was not a Pegasus Pony. And her "rainbow" hair was blue, purple, pink, green, yellow, orange, and more pink. I mean, she was still probably my favorite G3 Pony, buuuut now she's 20% cooler. (That was an in-joke, by the way.)
* In the first episode, when she casually boasts that she can clear the sky in "ten seconds flat," it literally takes her ten seconds of screen time.
* The Sonic Rainboom may be the coolest thing I've ever seen that didn't involve a seventeen-year-old blonde girl using a stolen rocket launcher to destroy an unkillable demon.

* In the second episode, she KICKS THE MANTICORE IN ITS FACE. Despite being about one-tenth its size.
* I can't back this up with any hard evidence, but I have a theory that, while Twilight obviously has much more raw power, Rarity has more control over her telekinesis.
* There's nothing new about a TV show aimed at little girls having a character who's obsessed with fashion . . . but how many of them actually sell their own clothes out of their own boutiques?
* Also, it's rather common for the fashionable character to be the most stuck-up . . . but Rarity is best friends with Fluttershy. Speaking of . . .

* In the second episode, she actually defeats the manticore. By being nice to him!
* How 'bout that time she stared down a cockatrice and shrugged off the whole "being turned to stone right now" thing?
* "Dragonshy."
* Honestly, she may be the most timid Pony in Ponyville (the word "shy" is IN HER NAME), but she's also clearly the last Pony in Ponyville -- nay, in all of Equestria -- who you ever want to piss off.

* He's not a Pony, but he may be my favorite character in the whole show.
* He's a dragon.
* He's a BABY dragon.
* He's a baby dragon who EATS GEMSTONES.
* He's a baby dragon who eats gemstones and BREATHES GREEN FIRE.
* He's the only character who's ever remarked upon the weirdness of Fluttershy, a Pegasus Pony who's afraid of heights.
* He's always ready to mock anything that needs mocking.
* He has a crush on Rarity.
* Oh, God. That scene in "Party of One" where Pinkie Pie interrogates him. Oh, God.

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