Sunday, July 24, 2011

Among Other Things, My Week Has Included . . . PIE

La Mie Emilie would be absolutely perfect if it wasn't in fucking Carmel. Just sayin'. (Dear Theresa: I love you!)

P.S. 301 views in two weeks and one day. Thanks, y'all!

P.P.S. Three months since I DID NOT "die of depression" (i.e. commit suicide -- once again, Theresa, I love you, seriously and forever). Statistically speaking, it is now officially okay to stop worrying about me. So, you know, that's cool.

Look, shut up, okay? I know this wasn't much of an entry, but cut me quite a bit of slack, would you? I'm tired as fuck and I have too many ideas chasing each other around my head. I literally can't decide what to write. Also, I've been in pain all day. Never taking Excedrin ever again.


  1. For me Saturday consisted of pie. The hubs & I went on a pie date and we both got a slice of ABC (apples, blueberries & cherries) pie. It was amazingggggg.

  2. That does sound amazing, but I have a question: Why did you both get a slice of the same kind of pie? If I had a husband and we went out for pie, I'd insist on getting different kinds so that we could share.