Saturday, September 7, 2013

So Here's Why Weed Is So Awesome

If you've ever read The Sandman, Neil Gaiman's magnum opus (and if you haven't, you really should), I feel pretty much exactly like Delirium or maybe even Delight, because I know too much right now.

Consider the following:

"It was ME that thought of it. I thought of it in my HEAD. I thought, I MISSED you, and I thought, if we went to find you, then we'd FIND you, and that would make everything BETTER for ever . . .

So I went and LOOKED for you and first of all Desire was at this party and she said she wouldn't help and then Despair showed me her RATS and she had a SAD man in a mirror but she wouldn't come WITH me and I went to see Dream but FIRST I went home and CRIED a little bit.

So I went to see Dream and I thought HE'D say NO but he gave me little chocolate lovers and he said OKAY. And we saw this travelling man and I made little FROGS and this lady wanted my NAME, and I went on a AIRPLANE.

I LIKE airplanes. I like ANYwhere that isn't a proper place. I LIKE in-betweens.

There was a lady named Ruby only SHE got burned all up but that was LATER. And there was a lawyer too but HE got all burned up too, I mean he got SQUASHED.

And the Etain lady ran away because her HOUSE went boom and the Alder man wasn't in the world any more and I found Tiffany and she was with the DANCING lady.

And then I did DRIVING and I was really GOOD.
Then we went to the dancing lady and Dream talked to her and I made this man give Tiffany ALL his dollars, then we went away.

Then Dream said he wouldn't go WITH me any more and I went HOME and CRIED a little bit, but THEN he said he was sorry and really he WOULD come with me again, because . . .

I don't remember. SOMETHING. And that he'd be NICE to me.

THEN we went to NOWHERE and then we went to the FAIR and then we went to Destiny's GUARDING. And then Dream went all SPOGGLY and I had to put me all . . .
I . . .

I HAD to . . .
I had to be . . .

And THEN we went over there and I ate some cherries and the stones said I was going to be a kangaROO when I grow up and then we came HERE.

So it was ME.
That's all."

Now compare that with some of the stuff I'm saying on Twitter (@wickedbish) tonight.

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