Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain, Rain, Feel Free to Stay

For the past year or so, ever since I publicly announced my intent to move to Seattle, I have had to deal with ~oh~ ~so~ ~many~ people offering some variation or other of this originally original helpfully helpful insightfully insightful advice:

       "Wait, you're clinically depressed? And you ~want~ to move to Seattle, where it never stops raining, ever? Just how crazy are you, stupid?"

But here's the thing:

1. It doesn't actually rain too terribly much. That's merely a legend that the locals perpetuate to frighten away the boring needy helpless whiny tourists.

2. Thunder & lightning remind me a) that I'm an artist and b) why I'm an artist.

3. Two words: Chemical imbalance. That wouldn't stop being a thing even if I moved to Jamaica.

4. Sometimes you just have to get wet & be thankful that you'll get dry again later.
Yeah, that sounds awful cheesy, but you know what? I love cheese almost as much as I love Ponies.

5. Seriously, though, rain makes me appreciate sunshine even more.

6. While I thoroughly enjoy all four seasons, fall has always been my favorite (possibly because it contains my birthday). Buying several different scarves every October because I actually need to be wearing one every time I leave the house is its own special sort of happy.

7. In conclusion, bless your heart.


  1. As someone who lived in Seattle for 3 years, it is amazing. I don't get why it has the rep it does, beside the fact that *sometimes* people would jump off the bridge near my first apartment. The random art, the amazing food, and the great bars. . . it was like heaven. The rain isn't really rain. It rarely even thunders. It is overcast a bit during the winter, but it isn't nearly as bad as they make it seem. Honestly, anyone who was raised inside the city rarely sees extreme weather, so they tend to over react. I grew up in Florida and I think I encountered snow more often than most the natives in Seattle.

    The random art is really something to behold. Take the Ducks tour at least once, but do it in fall or spring. Winter and summer will be too cold/hot for that kind of thing. And really explore Fremont. Granted, I have been away for four years now, but I doubt Fremont could change *that* much. . . Unless it is just way more awesome. The whole neighborhood is like a giant art experiment.

  2. Tonight, more than two months after I moved here, it finally rained so hard that my umbrella got ruined.

    I still completely love this place.

    And thanks for recommending Fremont! I'll keep that in mind and go exploring sometime soon-ish, if I can work it into my schedule.

    P.S. For better or for worse, I have gone back to LiveJournal, so I probably won't be posting here all that much anymore. Check out wickedbish.livejournal.com if you'd like to keep reading my stuff.