Friday, August 26, 2011

I Have No Memory of Writing This

[Writing stuff like this was a big part of how I managed to get through therapy.]

1. It wasn't my fault.

2. I'm a little bit psychic.
       2a. Which is nice, since I no longer feel any sort of pressing need to prove it when I'm right about something and someone else, well, doesn't see it that way.

3. One simple conversation is going to change my life drastically. For the better, although it will probably hurt at the time.

4. Pain is part of life, and it's perfectly natural . . . but love is stronger: The love I feel for others, the love others feel for me, and the love I feel for myself.

5. Yes, I said the love I feel for myself. Because, dammit, I am awesome. I've spent way too much time (sixteen years) not believing that; to quote Relient K, though, "to go back to where I was would just be wrong."

[At the top of the page, I had written REINS RINSE RESIN RISEN SIREN -- they're all spelled with the same letters arranged in different ways!]

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