Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The cool thing? This the third time a straight girl has given me a Pony since I got out of therapy. This time is super-special, 'cause I received her as a housewarming gift.
Seriously, I am so effing excited. I've got so many amazingly awesome things coming my way in the next couple of months (and the next couple of years) (and the rest of my life). September is going to rock out loud.


  1. So, I don't know if we've talked about my current job at all, but I'm a part of logistics at Target, which means I take shit out of boxes and put it on the shelves.

    More specifically, I take domestic shit (like bed, bath, kitchen, so on) out of their boxes and put them on shelves, which includes toddler bedding. And today I saw Pony bedsheets and thought about you. And then I went over to toys to help out, and I saw a bunch of Ponys on an endcap and thought about you. And then, and then I went over to infants and saw Ponys all over toddler underwear, and awkwardly thought of you.

    Fact is, I don't know anyone else who loves Ponys as much as you.

    Another fact: I don't know whether it should be Ponies, as that would be the grammatically proper version, or Ponys as the Pony part of My Little Pony is more of a proper noun, and thus shouldn't necessarily follow grammatical rules, but rather sustain the integrity of the Pony name.

    So you tell me. Ponies, or Ponys?

    Or are you as confused as I am?

  2. I don't know anyone else who loves them as much as I do, either. But the friend who bought me this one comes pretty close! Hee.

    It's Ponies. Trust me.

  3. Hey there! i just wanna say ur blog is really kewl :) i also can tell you like ponies, and i do too!! :D cnat wait for season two! ...only 9 more dayz!!! 8D hahaha!

    btw thats so aweosme that you got a cherille!! =D right now i have all the main ponies, and princess celestia... i would absolutly LOVE a Derpy though!! ^_^ hehe. ok well guess ill ttyl!