Thursday, November 7, 2013

"The Dark Should Be Afraid of Me"

You know, if when I finally finally fucking finally start classes (and, more importantly, get my own place), I think I wanna do ongoing almost-daily Pony Pic Fics. It'll be like extra, unnecessary, voluntary homework.

Because going to school & becoming the best "HELLO MY NAME IS RYAN I'M-A-PHOTOGRAPHER" anyone ever even dreamed of hearing of is absolutely this important to me.

And playing with Ponies is even more fun now than it was as a kid.

And dealing with depression is such a fucking drag and I am so sick of fighting it and I am tired of people saying they're worried about me and I am tired of other people not noticing that they should be worrying about me and I know I'm strong but haven't I been strong enough already for more than one lifetime? so, yeah, it's a fucking plan.

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