Wednesday, November 13, 2013


YOU GUYS. You know how I'm always saying "Friendship is Magic makes me cry like a bitch" or "girls who kick ass give me storygasms" or "magic, which is important because it's a metaphor, really does it for me"? I never really thought about this! I just figured everyone got storygasms and mine were just more intense than most people's because, well, most people aren't me.

Also, I never noticed that I should have been noticing this until I actually read the whole article, but certain non-story stimuli do it, too, and I have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE.

Also-also, I recently reasoned that maybe my capacity to get really happy about really mundane things was some sort of sick trade-off for being cursed with depression (because, you know, happy & unhappy are all up to the chemicals in your brain). Is that completely crazy?

My mind! It is blown!


The big sister I never wanted but apparently really needed posted this link to (ugh) Facebook a few days ago, and I didn't read it at the time even though I was intrigued. Tonight, I reminded myself to remember that I should finally get around to reading it after giving myself the following spontaneous therapy session pep talk epiphany orgy on Twitter:

My eyes feel spicy.
If that made sense to you, you might be high enough for Reading Rainbow.

It was more than 140 characters, but Adam & I had a really intense conversation about the Mane Six about twenty minutes ago.

Speaking of! How can anypony refuse to give a chance after listening to its theme song remix?

Honesty + Kindness + Laughter + Generosity + Loyalty = MAGIC
MAGIC = Ryan always beats Depression, even when he forgets how to fight it.

"I'm only intimidating because you're intimidated."
Being right all the time is less fun than you might imagine.

I've had this recurring dream where I'm screaming but no one can hear me since my mom got remarried when I was nine. Cause & effect.

Oh my fucking God. That (my last tweet) is precisely why I'm so comfortable with the whole "dying alone is my destiny" thing.*

*Y'all, for real. I understand that it's not even sort of a healthy mindset right now, but putting it together (ON MY OWN, JUST BECAUSE I WAS HIGH AND KIND OF BORED) and figuring out why it makes so much sense to me felt so good. Actually, it still feels good as I talk about how it felt good at the time.

Which is extra super crazy, because the whole cause & effect thing was/is already feeling pretty fucking great.

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