Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dear Hasbro,

I feel like we should discuss the (Target Exclusive) Rainbow Pony Collection for just a few moments.


It is very nearly almost perfect! You've got Pinkie Pie (pink), Applejack (orange), Fluttershy (yellow), a male Pony who hasn't appeared on the show called Emerald Ray (green), Rainbow Dash (blue), Twilight Sparkle (purple), and Rarity (white). Brilliant! Really and truly, well done. I mean, I've never actually felt like buying any of these tiny figures --- none of them really look right; in particular, Rainbow Dash is a re-color of Fluttershy, who is basically Applejack (who is missing her hat) without wings --- but how can I resist when they're in such a charming little set like this? I mean, Rarity would obviously approve if I purchased something so . . . dazzling!

(Technically, the set is missing a red Pony --- Big Macintosh, anyone? --- but I can overlook that.)

The problem is that I first found out about this set back in May and it's almost August now and THE SET STILL DOESN'T SEEM TO BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

May to almost-August. That's a lot of days of getting on the Internet and never getting around to three of the five things I got on the Internet for because I spend an hour scouring eBay and and tumblr and anywhere else I can think of to see if maybe, just maybe, someone out there has managed to get their hot little hands on an actual physical copy of the set and can maybe, just maybe, point me in the right direction, because all I want to do here is give you some of my hard-earned money, Hasbro.

Seriously, if I could find this set I think I'd be willing to pay fifty dollars for it. Let's consider that, shall we? Each of these Ponies is completely stationary, with un-brushable hair, and only two inches tall, so they're worth MAYBE three dollars apiece. Three times seven is twenty-one. So I'm willing to pay you more than twice its worth.

Okay, I'm just gonna step back and catch my breath for a second.

I'm good.

I have exactly one other friend who cares about Ponies as much as I do. We've been discussing the total lack of this set's availability in the real world or the online world every time we've gotten together since we found out about it, and she recently pointed out that, most likely, it probably won't be released until the holidays.

Alright, fine, I can accept that.

But seriously, wouldn't it make more sense to release the set as it is ASAP and then release another holiday-themed version of it (example: replace everypony's Cutie Mark with a snowflake) around the holidays? I mean, it just seems to me that, if you did that, you could, you know, MAKE MORE MONEY.

But what do I know?

Love & stuff,


P.S. This is probably the dumbest idea ever, and I feel like an idiot for even thinking it, but I'd totally buy another version of this set that was just, well, Rainbow Dash in every color of the rainbow.


  1. That's an awesome set - I wonder why they've never given it a real release. It'd be a great "Look parents, seven toys in one for a good price" type of sale.

    (And am I the only person who finds Rainbow Dash abrasive & unlikable? Because I really think I am.)

  2. I don't think you are! I mean, personally, I love all six of them just about equally (if I was asked to pick one favorite, I'd probably say, "Pinkie Pie! Unless it's Rarity. Although, you know, Applejack is pretty awesome, too. And Twilight Sparkle is a librarian, after all. And, well, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are both just badass. So, yeah, I think I'm gonna have to go with Pinkie Pie. Or maybe Rarity . . ."), but quite a few fans were put off by "May the Best Pet Win!" --- and the fact that it was immediately followed by "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" certainly didn't help matters.

    1. My breaking point was the one with the Flim Flam Brothers, where she was the ringleader to basically help them shut down the Apple Family Farm without ever realizing it. She sounded like those people who like Walmart a tad too much all for selfish reasons, and with the two episodes before it, it was just the last straw. Any episode where Rainbow Dash plays a major role is now totally skipable.